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Animal Farm had a very strong effect on me

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    read the book and saw the film in school because I was forced to. I feel a very strong connection to this story in my personal beliefs about everything. Technology and society and power.

    If I had animals I would be nice to them and give them rockets launchers and jetpacks and combat armor

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    Farm animal* you got raped by some donkey dick huh bud?
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    Animal Farm actually didn't have much of an impact on me compared to 1984.

    It always seemed very self indulgent and faggy. And overrated as hell.

    I get it, "it's actually about communism!"

    Imagine if you returned the exact same story to humans, in their analogous roles in society. Don't make any other changes to the writing. Just in your brain, imagine that the crow is actually a religious guy for example. Imagine those exact same words but actually written for humans rather than metaphorically. Then read the book.

    Guess what? George Orville fucking phoned it in.
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    it didn't fail because of napoleon it failed because they have no fucking thumbs
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    More like Animal Fag
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