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Tuckah deploys tactical leftism in defence of Russia

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    Donald Trump Naturally Camouflaged
    Indeed, last week Tuck went full CRT, declaring that the attention being paid to Ukraine is racist because Third World mud-and-stick wars don’t draw the same level of concern. Only bigots prioritize Ukraine over Ethiopia and Yemen:

    All human life is equal. All of us are equal in the eyes of God. The death of someone in Ukraine is exactly equivalent to the death of someone in Yemen in its importance, period.

    All human life? Maybe. All human civilizations? Hell, no. Welcome to Oberlin, Professor Carlson. A Bushman’s dirt village is no better or worse, no more or less advanced, than Vienna or Copenhagen. And there’s no difference in significance between a brilliant neurosurgeon stabbed by a felonious crackhead and a felonious crackhead stabbed by another felonious crackhead. We must weep equally in both cases.

    This is pure leftism.

    Why are the anti-mainstream crowd carrying such water for Vladdy Daddy?
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    Sudo Dark Matter [my hereto riemannian peach]
    Cucker Swanson is a next level scumbag. He is as mainstream as it gets and his whole gimmick is convincing gullible old white people otherwise.

    A good way to tell if someone is amazingly stupid is if they take anything he says seriously.
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    trucker carlson
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