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Creating Databases From Public Information

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    Misterigh Houston
    What should I do with these?

    I have a habit of making programs that collect all this data and then I refine it, sort it, and eventually add to it, then I redo.

    Is anyone else into this type of thing. It's like a fetish or something. I find it addicting and thrive for more. Not sure why though.
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    consolation post
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    Misterigh Houston
    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny consolation post

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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    An entity that i run with a colleague of mine has close to a Terabyte of such information. I have multiple Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket accounts plus secure cloud storage that i use for various purposes. I could set up a meeting if you'd like and we could use one of my data storage assets where i will grant you admin privileges where we can exchange data, if you'd like.
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