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i just got tiny tinas wonderland.

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    i was having fun unti1 i got to a boss with not enough respawn fodder and i killed all his respawn fodder and i was left with a boss with a huge ass health bar and no way to revive myself. I need help at this game playing hardest difficulty its not that difficult just the bosses can be bullshit at times
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    Lanny Youth Mutton Buster Champion
    3 just didn’t capture the magic of 2 for me. Like objectively a better balanced game, but the absurd lopsided builds that UVHM required were just so much fun. TTADK was like the all time best DLC I ever played, so I don’t even really want to try the new one, I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

    Also the story sucked ass relatively speaking but I mean lots of people just can’t get into BL on a narrative level and I can’t blame them.

    Anyway, what’s your build? In general keeping fodder around is useful for exactly this reason, but most classes have some kind of heal/tank/deaggro mechanism to carry them through 1v1 boss fights without going into last stand. Try getting a decent infusion grenade or something if you have to, or a class mod with health regen. Or do MP so someone can draw aggro with a way to deal with it or someone can play support.
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    I am a spellshot i cast spells all the time duel wielding spells one of my skills makes spells much stonger but i cant regenerate ward naturally i only regenerate by reloading and casting spells but i cast pretty often i have good cooldown for my spells
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    spells are basically the replacement for granades in this game but instead of being limited they work on a cooldown
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    RIPtotse African Astronaut [my adversative decurved garbo]
    I could never get into badlands..I have all the games in some goty bundle or whatever for 360
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