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Chicken Tenders and Gravy for breakfast

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    The lady at the dairy queen refused to sell me chicken tenders and gravy for breakfast, like what the fuck????

    Who the fuck orders "breakfast" at Dairy Queen, I didn't even know they sold breakfast food. I used to go there at 10am and get the $1 hamburgers when I was a poor kid and now they are telling me I can't have ice cream and chicken for breakfast. I'm a fucking adult with MONEY who the fuck does this bitch think she is telling me how to live my life?

    Fuck this gay society

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    CandyRein Black Hole

    Had DQ the other night ...tendões are good but i like the chilli dog box with the Sunday and chippies...
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    CandyRein Black Hole
    Tf are tendões...damn keyboard...*tendies*
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    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Originally posted by CandyRein

    10-21. robbery in progress.

    ''we gonna be done stealin and shietee''
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    frala Avant garde shartist
    Tendies and country gravy do be the stuff of dreams though
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    CandyRein Black Hole
    Stealing at a drive thru...

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    Originally posted by CandyRein Stealing at a drive thru…



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    CandyRein Black Hole
    Ya my man so bad ass he stuck the drive thru up ... and stayed to eat some of the cone waiting for the rest of the order! 😍

    That’s hott!

    Get lost dumb azz ... lmao
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    hes white with negroid characteristischs.
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    CandyRein Black Hole
    I don’t know one nigga that wear cowboy boots in my town ...

    Sometimes I walk around in them...

    I can see me sticking one up your azz right now ...

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