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Desperate need of help

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    RIPtotse African Astronaut [my adversative decurved garbo]
    I'm running beyond low on money atm since I'm in school full time and just totaled my car..
    I need yalls help..I only need 140 for the rest of my rent but I'd be grateful for help with any amount because it all me and I'll give u my cash app or venmo or would be a Saint if you could help meand you can hold my debt over my head and make me your online slave until I pay it back in full
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    Seems legit
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    Nile bump
    Thats rough.

    all i can do is pray 4 u rite now tho.

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    Kafka Yung Blood
    You could try making a Facebook group for it, add about ten friends to it asking for help. Make several fb groups doing the same thing, if you have friends. It puts pressure on them.
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    Why should his friends pay his rent?
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    Kafka Yung Blood
    Could maybe fake sell something on EBay.
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    Nile bump
    Have you ever not been in a bind CC? Buddy just needs a hand, ive been there.

    I'd help ya but i cant right now, im at the fucking library using the comp lol.

    I might have a job soonish as a nightwatchmans at some building under the table so we'll see how that goes

    Originally posted by Kafka if you have friends. It puts pressure on them.

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    is it the rent for January or February?
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    Kafka Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Concerned_Citizen Why should his friends pay his rent?

    Good friends should help if they can.
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    Begging for money is cringe
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    Kafka Yung Blood
    If you’re gonna beg do it in an airport.
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