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Violent Cobra - Volume 1: The Cobric Limit

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    Tyrant African Astronaut
    "Cobra! You've slain twenty six of my men. Now it's not my choice to confront you with violence. It is my duty."

    Detective Sinbad tore off his shirt and tossed it aside, revealing his carbon exoskeleton. He thundered towards the shadowy figure in a sprint, then lept and brought his tungsten fist up at his target. But in the blink of his eye, he was gone.

    Sinbad's fist remained raised as he landed and swept the ground around him in a complete circle with the airjet thrusters on his calves and attempted to locate his target.

    It was then that he felt two taps and a burning inside his right shoulder blade. It was a gamma knife, frying the chip that processed his motor control functions. His body froze.

    "You aren't weak, Mr Detective. And the way you cornered me, that was a good strategy. So please don't be discouraged by this loss. But have you considered that I wanted to get you here alone?"

    There was a beep and a series of pops. His entire team's radios went offline.

    His nanorobotic repair systems had begun working to restore functions, learning from the damage. Sinbad had regained control of his voice.

    "Thirty-nine. What do you want from me, motherfucker?"

    "Just one thing. There's a bigger threat at hand. Kill The Chinaman. I'll tell you the rest later."

    Sinbad's shoulder flexed and popped off the gamma patches.

    "Man, fuck you."

    He sprang up with his planted leg and swept in a rising circle. Cobra swiveled under his leg and slammed him in the back with his elbow, sending him crashing into the wall.

    "Interesting. You escaped the gamma knife. A new healing system?"

    The rubble exploded with dust as Sinbad jetted from it and came at his target for a direct assault.

    "And it learns so I come back stronger every time."

    He unleashed a flurry of blows but this time the Cobra didn't dodge: instead he matched the punches directly, stopping each one dead with a matching hit that resulted in a thunderous metallic clank.

    "Once again, you've impressed me." He said, "But its not nearly enough."

    The detective's armoured fist clanged with each hit and began to glow with heat from sheer mechanical stress.

    "I couldn't have done this before but the Scroll Of The Poison Fist makes it trivial... And now you just can't keep up."

    He terminated the clash by striking Sinbad square in the belly with unfathomable speed. He crashed to the wall again but this time the Cobra followed him and drove the detective into it. A sonic boom rippled through the walls around them.

    "So who will stop me now, Detective?"

    He pummeled Sinbad's body, ramping up the power and speed with each hit. The cyborg's systems began to fail. His arms went offline as his shoulders were crushed, then his legs as his torso was pulverized.

    The Cobra backed away, leaving him embedded in the wall.

    "I didn't want to have to do that. Just do as I say now. Kill the Chinaman."

    "F...fuck you..." Sinbad mumbled

    "Your men, I know: I get it. But you must kill him or more people will die."

    Sinbad's jets mustered all the air they could and prepared for one final burst. The Cobra's back was turned. His limbs exploded with one final push and launched his one-armed torso at the villain in a desperate final assault.

    At the last moment, Cobra stepped aside and left one palm outstretched in the path of Sinbad's skull. The force of the impact tore Sinbad's spine from his torso and left it dangling from his neck.

    This was where Sinbad's consciousness faded and his memory stopped recording.
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    Tyrant African Astronaut
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    Bradley Naturally Camouflaged
    Not very good.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    is vinny the chinaman
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    Sudo Black Hole [my hereto riemannian peach]
    Just vaguely skimming the OP gave me crippling autism
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    Tyrant African Astronaut
    This is more of an anime
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