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The Corona virus isn't a flu or cold

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    The Corona virus is a signal that we're approaching The Great Reset. But it's not what Davos or David would have you believe it is.

    Basically, Kings are awakening. Kings in times past were not merely political leaders but held a sacred place in Society. They were God's emissaries on earth. And have a direct line to The Divine. It seems to drive them insane.

    They don't need books, scriptures, priests or other intermediaries. In fact in many cultures they were the Head Priest. Although various drugs help to tune into different realities, or shed light on aspects not so obvious without their aid.

    So as this planet approaches the precipice or the peak of its development, Kings are popping up out of nowhere. Too many for the existing (degenerate) Monarchy to whack-a-mole.

    So to prevent a faltering of Their Plan, they are trying to stifle the innate powers of the chosen as well as stop them from forming communities, cults, religions or just being too loud and speaking with too much truth.

    The waters will rise, first slowly than very fast. Find topographic maps and stock up where you think the shore will be cuz the land is parched and too much water is held by cheap bottles. They'll release it with there lives.

    So yeah that's my theory.
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