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Rypto currency

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    We are going to start a global takeover of the monetary system by forcing shitty branded worthless digital tokens as the default money supply of everyone on earth and making the gold reserves and cash reserves useless like in the Goldpussy

    step one 1. Create a supply of "rip off currency" or "rypto currency" and circulate it
    step 2. destroy all the value of every currency on earth
    step 3. fuck with people by rugging all the different rypto and controlling the majority supply

    if fiat goes down crypto will go down but we will pump rypto so it goes up and once everyone is all in on rypto we buy out the worthless fiat and crypto and become the true rothschilds of the world. whos in??

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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood the official currency of niggers in space

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    Token Name: ⱤATCOIN
    Symbol: ⱤAT
    Total Supply: 100,000,000
    Chain: Binance Smart Chain
    Token Smart Contract Address: 0x1eC9850899C0EcE2f8ac597a20e536Cb1b2B8dCe
    Supply Model: deflationary

    People are introducing new ideas in the world of ryptocurrencies. The popularity of digital currencies is increasing very rapidly. In the era of great competition, ⱤATCOIN has introduced a unique idea. ⱤATCOIN is presenting a platform to implement a ryptocurrency donation processor for many other cryptos, ryptos and the native currency of ⱤATCOIN will be able to be donated. ⱤATCOIN will strive to provide utility for the token in many ways such as the ⱤATCOIN donation platform/Nft Marketplace/ⱤATCOIN Crash Game and much more. An addition to the utility we will create for the token we have also implemented a Buyback feature on the smart contract which is able to automatically buyback the ⱤATCOIN token and burn it.

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    In the near future all african pirate ransom payments will be done in Rypto ⱤATCOIN


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    Bradley victim of incest
    I am interesting in investing all of my money into your ryptocurrency, ratface.
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    Bradley victim of incest
    I also like that you named it Ratcoin.
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    Token Name: ⱤATCOIN
    Symbol: ⱤAT
    Total Supply: 100,000,000
    Chain: Binance Smart Chain
    Token Smart Contract Address: 0x1eC9850899C0EcE2f8ac597a20e536Cb1b2B8dCe
    Supply Model: deflationary

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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood In the near future all african pirate ransom payments will be done in Rypto ⱤATCOIN


    Send tip. Lol. send tip..response. "20% on value of info retrieved" thank you
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    Hey RatFace scron. r.a.t is probably an existing tick-acronym

    Rename ratz-tokenery and tick name rats ..they accept 4 letter ticks now.
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    Originally posted by Yoodin Vices What is 5his nfc shit

    It's a way to verify information on the blockchain

    Honestly every Metaverse NFT that exists is nothing but a scam at the moment, except for mine. I am the only one who is creating a metaverse simply because i'm interested in the technology.

    I don't understand who would buy this shit or for what purpose, it looks gay to me. The stuff I made I take pride in creating, I would be embarrassed being involved with a project like LAMOverse no matter how much money they make
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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    Rip my asshole open
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    Solstice Space Nigga
    Originally posted by RIPtotse Rip my asshole open

    Just do the Goatse but pull really really really hard
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    Liquidity has been added to ⱤATCOIN and it is approved for exchange on

    for 0.001648 BNB you get 103 ⱤAT. This is the currency of the future folx get in now and the gains will be MASSIVE

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    Donald Trump Dark Matter
    Wait what is liquidity? What do I keep ⱤATCOIN in? I don't even see ⱤATCOIN on the list of tokens on that site.
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    the token address is


    it might not show up unless you switch to BSC mainnet or a binance wallets. It's a BNB token so you can store it in a BNB wallet.

    I tried to swap 100 ⱤAT but it says not enough liquidity or price impact too high. I fucked up and need to put in more ⱤAT because the pancakeswap pool doesn't have enough ⱤAT, I think all I did was set the price because it doesn't allow any amount to be swapped over 100

    I gotta mess around with it some more

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    I have added more liquidity to ⱤAT, it should be available for swap now but I fucked up the price so only small amounts less than 100 work but I am gonna try to set it up so the metaverse game items are priced really cheap like a .05 ⱤAT for a game item or something

    I think the price will be borked until I add more liquidity

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    I asked the other day on Twitter if anyone could come up with a comparable financial asset whose demand is completely artificially generated by narrative. Derivative contracts don’t qualify because I have yet to see a product where if we unwind the stack of underlying we don’t reach some real commodity, currency, equity, or benchmark which is economic in nature. The closest comparable people came up with is the historical practice where the Catholic church in the Middle Ages used to financialize penances for sins into products called indulgences as a means to fund the church’s endeavors. This is indeed an example of a purely-narrative-driven financial asset whose value is purely derived from the Christian faith, albeit a pathological and exploitative reading. If crypto assets have comparable financial products it is that of indulgences, both are purely narrative-driven fundamental-less financial assets that can be created out of thin air and whose market value is purely a function of sign value and fealty to an ideology. The only difference is that crypto assets have a digital secondary market where these neo-indulgences can float and be traded.

    This is where I begin to have problems with crypto assets from a philosophical perspective since there are literally an infinite number of these products that can exist. They can be created at zero cost and by social manipulation can be pushed on the public to generate huge returns for the creators. It’s a perverse form of casino capitalism that uses narrative as a weapon to exploit and deceive people into gambling on an exploitative simulacrum of financial markets while producing nothing of economic value as an output. I fail to see how the mass proliferation of these extremely pathological financial assets leads to anything but chaos, addiction, poverty, and a loss of faith in both markets and our institutions.

    Like every perspective on crypto, taken to its logical conclusion it results in contradictions that end up devouring the original intent. The hyper-capitalist reading of purely-narrative-driven crypto assets is no different.

    Purely-narrative-driven financial assets and the “financialization of everything” are an evolutionary dead-end in capitalism, these types of assets serve no purpose and should be banned from a public interest perspective much like we ban Ponzi schemes and asbestos in the public interest. The purpose of markets can not be to create untethered hyper volatile playthings to day trade since the opportunity cost of this precludes actual economic activity. The purpose of markets is to do price discovery on goods and services. If you remove the exchange of goods and services from the equation, then you have a gambling parlor.
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