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found a hmong guy today who had a sister, that's like asian people except not as good like polishw hite people.

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    Bradley Space Nigga
    s,,,,,o i found a tin foiley in the basement now in addition to taking a bunch of ambien, finding myself a hmong girlfriend while drunk ice fishing (I never actuallly fsihed, just walked up carrying a fishing pole to asian people) found this cool ass cat (he does like to eat cats and when i asked him he was excited when i said yeah i do too)

    has a sister

    18 1/2 and looks like a piece of brown rice folks

    same size too

    now im on her chromebook, telling her im reading reddit instead of posting on "That nasty nigga site"


    we got our ownr oom but she likes to watch japanese manga with Khmai subtitles

    yells in khmai when i ask questions

    me law vinny sau sau peng?~~~!!!

    my mom isn't proud
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