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    Bradley Space Nigga
    I wanna emulate 1 for like the gba or nes, i wanna have upgrdes and levels and loot drops. like runescpe but by myself. I also hve steam to play free games

    I'll play an rpg with u too if u can recommend one. wariat told me to try donkey kong and some other fag aaaass shit, but i don't like the look of them, Most importantly it is important tht the shit doesn't suck ass he sid he would be in prison getting lost in video game fantasies, then tell me "Ya i love mario kart" i'm thinking nigga i never thought donkey kong had a story, and sure s fuck, it's literlly 1 nigga throwing shit at you

    I be playing like 5 hours of age of mythologgy trying to do the cmpaign on hrd mode ll the way through, I think that shit's aight.

    I bought some weed and really enjoy it alot more, someone told me age of empries 4 or 5 or some shit cme out, but let's be real my computers are so shit, i can't even consistently get the A key to work.

    So fuck it, go fuck yourself if u don't have a gme suggestion o and i really hate those japanese koreaen rpgs where u take turns fighting back nd forth back dn forth, that's some straight PUSSY SHIT and i don't like what's the other one some crystal chronicals or some shit, i have it here, that came sucked ass too. I don't like games where I gotta like look in every corner for the fuckin key cuz i was tapping a when some BITCH NIGER WAS talking too me about everything in his fag ass life before he sends me off on level 1

    that shit piss me off, also don't mention anything u n eed a good ass computer or a ps5 or ANYTHING . I can go on runescape just fine, but i promised myself NO RUNESCAPE SHITS FOR BITCHES

    & thanks, merry christmas if u wanna buy me a steam game my account on steam is Odin_Loves_You add me eve if ur not given me free games. I only have like 5 friends on there and 4 of them are from here.
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    Solstice Space Nigga
    Have you ever played Runescape?
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    Bradley Space Nigga
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