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The fat pigs upstairs aka my neighbors

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    Nile bump
    I hate the fat fucking white niggers that moved in upstairs.

    Dumb ignorant pigs.

    They moved in a few months ago. Packs the back yard with a bunch of junk, locks the back gate(doesn't provide a key). Wouldn't even unlock it when I had raked the yard. Just to be a dick.

    Complains about us smoking so I have to go outside and cannot enjoy my weed & tobacco in the comfort of my home. Instead I must freeze my balls off outside.

    Gets the property management position thinking he's some petty king and not a fat, dumb fucking NIGGER. And tries to get us evicted.

    Except he's retarded and doesn't understand the job, or the laws governing tenant-landlord relations.

    Doesn't know how to give entry notice etc.

    And is just a whiny 2 faced piece of shit. Tryna bill us for court service when he didn't even get a ruling from arbitration (he cost himself money lol)

    Locked the laundry so he can use it as his personal storage. Claiming the door was broken. It's not.

    I really fucking hate this guy.

    We got a phone arbitration date setup for Christmas Eve. I hope they reschedule it lol.

    This guy is so incompetent tho. And as a former person who did work, and was swimming against the tide hearing this retard always claiming he's going to work as tho we can't hear or see him at home irks me.

    Like fuck bro, the whole world sees a nigger when they hear you speak, and then he lies about working... Which just makes him a lying nigger.

    Apparently they never even did move in report initially... Good luck holding the damage... As tho we're gonna pay any rent if they get an eviction ruling (they won't)
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    Nile bump
    Whatever, I'm glad they got a nigger upstairs to shovel my sidewalk. I guess.

    Just too whiny but we'll get him trained in time.

    When arbitration doesn't go his way

    ...Let the games begin.

    Why can't he just get the 'vid and die. It would be good, buddy and his wife look like Mr&ms underlying conditions. Fucking trash.
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    Nile bump
    This guy stole some City signs and I took a pic and am going to call Bylaw on him.

    Yes it's gay.

    Yes it's lame.

    Yes it's petty.

    But.... I can't just take a crow bar to his skull as much as I would like too. I mean I can but, is that the correct path?

    He's the property manager. And needs to be humiliated. He'll eat crow one way or another.
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    Solstice Space Nigga
    Set the building on fire while they're in it and put some food on the stove so it looks like an accident.
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    cook some tek that ll show em
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    buy him a christmas bottle of whiskey to confuse him
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    frala Avant garde shartist
    Let us know who gets an angled bob first.
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    Bradley Space Nigga
    Aren't you homeless?

    Bout to be
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    Quick Mix Ready Dark Matter [jealously defalcate my upanishad]
    rat his ass out.

    How come Canadian Natives don't get more rights? shit. You don't even get free land and free money for the tribe?

    Dude, Milk those cunts up there. demand autonomy and to practice your own laws and govern them your way.

    as long as they dont violate international laws like murdering people or polluting well water (which corporations get away with) you can pretty much be king of your own land.

    make them pay your rent. and beat the shit out of that landlord before you go. or don't

    but if you do, Video tape it.
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    Rat ass
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I'm with Solstice on this one. I can teach you how to make a timed incendiary device if you don't know how. It's pretty straightforward.
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    Quick Mix Ready Dark Matter [jealously defalcate my upanishad]
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Rat ass

    He's the Rat. the Manager is the Rat Bastard. So it's just some of his own medicine. YoU Rat Face.
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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    hire a bunch of prostitutes services and a mariachi band
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    Quick Mix Ready Dark Matter [jealously defalcate my upanishad]
    Hide bluetooth speakers outside and start blaring horror film sounds and screaming. mount a wireless camera to see when he comes out and stop them. then wait 10 minutes and start them up again.

    or buy a cheap smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and glue the test button down and toss it out the window into the snow. or hide it in the snow. a bunch of them. They'll go on for hours. throw a few on the roof.

    just keep bugging him about shit going wrong in the house. make pipes leak. do everything to drive him to quit his fucking manager job and move the fuck out.

    there was a list-t0-do on totse about this kind of shit. I never tried it but I don't let people get to me at that level. or try not to.
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Nile bump
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Rat ass

    This motherfucker called the cops on Saturday and got me held in a cell, I was uhhh working things out with my roommate.

    Was none of his business and he made a shitty situation worse.

    On the bright side I got a pair of shitty detention center slippers and a new court date.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    Originally posted by Sophie I'm with Solstice on this one. I can teach you how to make a timed incendiary device if you don't know how. It's pretty straightforward.

    I wonder if the silverware in a block of ice in the microwave thing actually works
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    Sudo Dark Matter [my hereto riemannian peach]
    Is there a walk up? Cut boards loose and sabotage his entry and exit and maintenance is entirely his job so he'll have to fix it
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    Nile bump
    First thing he did was put cameras up. Front and back entrance. Somebody still stole a bike he had tied on the front step, which he in a roundabout way was making accusations about. Like I would steal my neighbors bike, or even steal a bike at all.

    I don't really care about the cameras but they obviously make it hard to.... Help him understand.
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    Sudo Dark Matter [my hereto riemannian peach]
    Dang I assume they're wireless. Find a blind spot and exploit it. Emit a low vibration directed upstairs and drive him nuts
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    Quick Mix Ready Dark Matter [jealously defalcate my upanishad]
    The freqs on them can be's happen to me

    But Bluetooth n wifi combo help stop jamming?

    I don't know shit.. an extended repeater?

    But now I'm aiding the faglird and not nile

    Nile once again, use a wireless broadcaster to blare shit on wired speakers and run wires into housing or pvc pipes under the dirt.. like real deep. If you could conceal wiring to the roof, create a case for the speaker to look like apart of the roof, or an areator with those spinning fans that look like mushroom shape stainless steel

    But the receiver should be wireless. Hide it as well. So if he finds it, there is no wires to your apartment. But the better you hide it, then just play short burst of loud annoying ass sound it's of blood curdling horror or wait till 2:30 an and slow raise the sound of birds chirping. Natural sounds.. birds chirping at 2:30 would be disturbing as fuck

    Layer the birds so it sounds like more and more joining in, then if he comes out just hit a sound bite of birds flying off in a frantic panic.

    The next night, do the same but with frogs or crickets.

    Don't play music but just play mysterious sounds and rumble seat sounds (. I hear often but that's another story )

    Play creepy rusty pipes swaying or doors creaking

    Wait a day or three. Not the exact same time or he'll be ready.

    Then use a prepaid card and order him some sex toys

    This is old school "College pranks" by Totse "for informational only"

    But don't order anything that is an NSA trigger concern like The Atomic Boyscout

    500 Broken Smoke Detectors or Glow in the dark paint..that's like swatting him "making a demon core".

    Don't swat him. It's happen to me a few times

    Just Saying

    Also don't do this. It's for amusement only or info on college pranks I read

    Guy follows neighbor with camera, records shots fired but out of view, rats out the neighbors and gets the same life in prison

    So now don't.. I'm not associated by proxy but there is no stand your ground law on west coast states?

    What are you rambling on about
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