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Does anyone know of a reputable online distributor for etizolam...

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    stan.1776 Yung Blood
    or really any bezo would do the trick for me, but I would very much like to try Etizolam. Plus it's super cheap and I know TONS of online pharmacies in india used to sell it until very recently when it was reclassified as a controlled substance. lame.. but yes, if anyone knows any reliable sources that would be much appreciated.
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    Solstice Space Nigga
    Clearnet benzos aren't really a thing anymore, all you'll really find are dodgy selective scammers at best these days. You're much better off going on the dark web and using a DNM. Etizolam has been falling out of favor anyways, it's all flualprazolam and clonazolam now.
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    No, I don't.
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    STER0S African Astronaut [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    what the fuck does etizolam make you feel like

    is it comparable to clonazepam or diazepam
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    STER0S African Astronaut [the disappointingly unanticipated slab]
    also -- fuck indian-made pharmaceuticals
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    No and I'm just here to make a comment because
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    Kev Space Nigga
    beware when i got imidazenil from them it felt more like clonazolam. never tried any of their other shit.
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