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Crypto exchanges are all terrible

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    I get locked out of every exchange because NO I DON'T WANT TO CONNECT MY BANK ACCOUNT I want to trade crypto for crypto but that seems less and less popular. It's either bitcoin/USD or ETH/USD and very rarely can you find BTC/ETH or ETH/LTC

    Speculation has ruined crypto, nobody is using it as a currency and the reliance of it as an asset just reinforces the status quo.

    Everyone is selling their crypto or the holiday season because you can't pay for a new fur coat with ratcoins

    You would think a website would exist that allows you to easily buy etherium with anything OTHER than fiat but the reverse is true. I think token to token is the future that brings about the next step of fiat replacement

    I am gonna start my own token to token DeFi exchange that cuts out the fiat to liberate users. It shouldn't take longer than 10 seconds from opening an app to be swapping and trading, fuck accounts and verification.

    Maybe the reason crypto exchanges keep getting hacked is because they spend all their time and money on hebrew money lenders and fiat banks instead of investing in their own security. Gotta jump through those SEC hoops to make the bit bucks. The regulators ONLY get involved when you involve money, fuck fiat

    They can take their fake plastic bills with faggots faces and shove them up their ass as far as i'm concerned

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    if plebs like you only knew the truth...i would try fill you in but youd just end up lashing out and hurting yourself
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    "how would they ever make money to afford operating costs if they don't use money?!"

    There are already enough exchanges with verification out there to meet the demands of anyone looking to trade fiat for crypto

    The only reason token to token exchanges aren't widely popular is because the entire crypto community thinks in $$$

    I think in ฿ΞƉ
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