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Spicy David Cole article

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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    Lemanski repeatedly claimed that the “white” Waukesha victims got what they deserved (and before you go there, she’s gentile. If you think the Polish suffix “-ski” denotes “jedi,” you’re one hell of a lousy ethnographer).

    I followed the Lemanski freak show because I found her honesty refreshing. She didn’t hesitate to openly admit her hatred of her fellow whites, which, she tweeted, came from childhood experiences:

    I was sexually abused at age 2, a victim of white racists against Polish people from age 1-7, lost my virginity to a rapist at age 14, had an abusive mother. I had serious issues because of white racism.

    Lemanski revealed the secret handshake. She dared to explicitly mention her antiwhite bias. She didn’t cloak it in academic gibberish like “equity.” She made it clear that she’s driven by a hatred of white people.

    She gave the game away. Democrats traffic in antiwhite hatred, but they can never openly admit it. So when one of them does, out they go, to preserve the illusion that the “hater” was an anomaly.

    But here’s the bigger point: Lemanski perfectly represents something I discussed several weeks ago, the fact that a lot of what we take for antiwhite ideology is actually in many cases a personal beef manifesting as ideological. Like so many antiwhite activists, Lemanski is a deeply broken individual. Her obsession with past slights even extended to, in one tweet, naming the white kid who pushed her off a swing when they were children (she even doxxed his contact info and current workplace).

    Lemanski represents the arm of antiwhiteness personified by the sick and the damaged. People driven not by ideology, but by personal bitterness and failure.

    The fact that antiwhiteness is so accepted in America today, the fact that it’s promoted, the fact that being antiwhite can be a job qualification, allows broken, bitter whites (women, especially) to not just indulge in but profit from the demons rattling around inside their haunted heads.

    Naturally, a great deal of antiwhite hostility comes from blacks (as should be obvious), but that doesn’t engross me as much, because there’s obvious perceived self-interest there. There’s no mystery to that motivation.

    opportunism doesn’t explain whites voting against their best interests or pushing CRT on white children. What does is that white adherents of wokeism are the same people susceptible to what’s known as (and man I hate this term) “woo-woo,” defined by The Spectator’s Leah McLaren as “anything slightly silly, trendy and/or new agey that exists for the primary purpose of making people (almost always privileged white women) feel better about our bodies and minds.”

    And jedis, who play such an outsize role in publishing, academia, journalism, and political think-tankery, have assumed the traditionally jedi position of psychiatrist in pitching this woo-woo to the self-absorbed white women sitting on their couch. Instead of blaming it all on mommy and daddy, the new Freudians blame it all on whitey (many of these jedis are themselves broken; as I detailed several weeks ago, George Soros continues to be obsessed with and driven by his family’s humiliation during World War II).

    Spicy. This shit hits home like an Israeli 500lb JDAM smashing into a West Bank children's hospital.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I keep forgetting Taki's exists
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    David Cole is an interesting character. He's rich as fuck, and his Daddy was one of Elvis's two jedi doctors who prescribed him the pills that killed him. His Dad then later died from a heart attack, basically from being burned out on stimulants he prescribed to himself.

    When he was young he went to Auschwitz and found no plausible evidence for mass gassings, though he now says some form of mass killing did happen in places like Majdanek. He did a podcast with Ann Sterzinger for a few years, and has an interesting life in a mansion in Beverly Hills, for instance letting a porn star stay with him, being alcoholic, and being buddies with Ann Coulter.
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