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Get Shredded in 3 weeks

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    Getting a lower body fat percentage makes you look better but there is also an ideal range for testosterone production. They claim it's getting lower and lower every generation. This worked for me. I wasn't in terrible shape but I had like fat abs. After three weeks of this I had muscles I didn't know I had. You don't need weights, but doing benchpressing and seeing gains in strength got me back into weight lifting. This diet may not be the healthiest long term diet, but I felt a lot better on it than I did before. My goal was to maintain my weight while losing body fat, so that also required building muscle which is hard if not impossible to do at the same time. So I got into the weights and taking protein supplements and was struggling to keep the same weight. But if all you care about is burning fat this works.

    Try to start the first day off with black coffee and fasting until dinner if you can. Whenever you start getting hungry or wanting food have another cup of black coffee and cold water. Do this every 3-4 days if you can. For dinner you can have anything without carbs. And eat pretty much as much as you want. You can fry chicken breast breaded in flax seed and seasoned with Goya or whatever you want. Try to eat some spinach with it too though. For every meal I ate spinach or sometimes substituted broccoli but usually spinach. If you really want it to fall off though don't fry it. Cook it on an electric grill. Basically you eliminate the carbs from your diet if you eliminate the fat also the body has no choice but to start using stored fat as energy. But if you cut carbs you can have fat and still lose fat. It's just quicker if you sometimes cut both.

    For the rest of the days try at least to skip breakfast unless you start losing weight too fast (this happened to me at first) if that happens have omelets. Again, as much as you want. I would eat 5 eggs (get eggs in bulk) cheese, bacon and spinach. You can have this for lunch also. Don't drink the coffee and eat breakfast though. It's a psychological thing. Use the coffee for killing hunger.

    They say tilapia is bad for you, but it's a good cheap dinner on this diet. Just bake them with some olive oil and garlic powder and eat with spinach.

    If you crave anything sweet melons are acceptable but don't make it an every day thing. Strawberrys too. Low carb nuts like almonds and pecans are ok for a snack sometimes.

    For exercise:
    You don't have to start off with anything crazy. When you wake up do jumping jacks until your calves burn. Try to do 3 sets of pullups and three sets of chin-ups. Find something heavy and do farmers walks. Do these three times a day until you can't do it anymore. I don't like pushups because they are really only good for building endurance. Plyo pushups are good in combination with weights for building explosive strength but I don't like regular pushups. If you don't have weights try to find a way to do weighted pushups. Get someone to stand on your back or something.

    The main thing is bear crawls. Not only do you get definition in your arms but it's a great way to build functional strength. Try to start off doing 200 yards every day at a sprint. 50-60 yards at a time or more if you can. But don't slow down in order to do a greater distance. It always needs to be a full sprint. And from there try to build on that and get better. You will hurt the next day, but this exercise is good for your joints and everything. I've had injuries from lifting weights that this exercise cured. Idk how but it toughens your joints or something.

    You can try to end the day doing 10-15 minutes of jogging or on some kind of machine but the bear crawls are the priority. Take pictures to mark your progress. You will feel it and see it for yourself but it helps to see your progress and keep you motivated. Once you get your body fat to that ideal range you can start worrying about building muscle or whatever else you want to do, but like I said in the other thread it's about a hormonal change and feeling better.

    EDIT: another good exercise without weights is something like inclined pushups but get on a wall where you are almost vertical. This is as good as doing shoulder presses with heavy weight. Good for your triceps too. Dips are bad for your joints. Weighted declined situps are good. I know for burning fat you go for high reps with anything, but again, it's about how you feel. You feel better while building strength and it is possible to do that and burn a lot of fat at the same time. Doing 60-70 pushups doesn't really make me feel better.

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    Sounds like a good way to use up all my energy before I ever walk into the door at work.
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    Or you could just jump in a wood chipper
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