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why is the american right so retarded and insane?

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    lockedin Houston
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    I don't like the terms left and right. Both sides are right wing. What you have in America are insiders and outsiders.

    The outsiders think (correctly) that the system doesn't like them and isn't being run for their benefit. Therefore they don't trust the system, so they take no guidance from the institutions of the state (like the controlled media) on what to believe and not to believe.

    If the mainstream media and the government started saying that the vaccine was microchips and 5G spreads corona virus lots of insiders would believe that. They believed Russia Trump and the WMD thing and 911 and lots of other ridiculous lies.

    The outsiders provide a service to the insiders - being harvested for cheap labor and janissaries for foreign wars. The insiders provide a controlled political party for the outsiders to associate to. That party claims to advocate for the outsiders, but advocates only for policies that are designed to hurt them.

    Lots of Russians and Ukrainians have the weird outsider distrust of authority, and do self-destructive things like refuse to get vaccinated. It's very annoying. Irish people might be cucks for authority, but they take advice.
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