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Sopranos 2021

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    Donald Trump Space Nigga

    If this was in 2021 Melfi would have declared him transgender, then diagnosed him with unchecked-privilege, biggotism and white-supremacistitis.

    In addition to prozac her prescription would have included adderall, diazepam, and estrogen.
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    "With todays pharmacology no one needs to suffer with feeling of exhaustion and depression"

    "Here we go with the prozac"
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    I know there is already a Sopranos 2021 where the blacks are the heroes, pure as driven snow, woke, disgusting, amoral, violent, murderous, scumbags, but every time the writers cheat so they are vindicated like cartoon heroes.

    The fact that no one wants to watch that shit shows how real to life it is.
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    Nile bump
    You think Melfi is sexy?
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Nile You think Melfi is sexy?

    Yeah, but a little old.
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    Just watched a bit of it. It's like a halloween special. The blacks are all superhumans - perfect in every way.

    I can't remember the perfect hero in fanfiction, and I tried googling it, but apparently google catch my query in their jedi censorship algorithn. Maries? Raquels? Something like that.

    The Italians are all either old senile fucks or fat moronic teenagers. Melfi is an old whore scold who abuses both groups.

    It's a jedi dream from start to finish, everything they wanted and worked towards all these years has come to pass. Of course, jedis aren't portrayed at all, like they were in the Sopranos, but here you know they rule over it all, Judges, Lawyers, Landlords, it goes unsaid. They are notable by their high-profile absence - they have ascended above it all.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Fuck woke Sopranos. Aren't Italians a minority in the US of A already. Also if you think Melfi is hot idk what to tell you. Meadow is pretty cute though. Also she fucked a nigger and then got her bike stolen that's enough diversity for me thank you very much. Fucking mulignons.
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