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How do you listen to music

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    Do you listen to albums?
    Shuffle songs?
    Online radio?

    If I want the full experience I’ll listen to an album start to finish in the dark but sometimes I enjoy radio like this station called jazz groove
    I don’t really flip through songs like I did in my early teens but I’d like to get back into that for nostalgia
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    lockedin Houston
    The author of this post has returned to nothingness
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    With your mom whispering sweet everythings into my ear, of course. Bless her stupid little heart.
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    Originally posted by Toxoplasmosis If I want the full experience I’ll listen to an album start to finish in the dark

    That's because your mom didn't pay the light bill again.
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Originally posted by lockedin albums, although i understand why shuffle is so common, it's because popular music isn't usually made with an album in mind, it's 2 radio singles spaced out by 30 minutes of filler tracks and people just take the 2 tracks from each album with actual hooks and decent songwriting and throw them on a playlist

    otoh a proper album made with consistent effort by a band with real talent is like a good season of a TV anthology, you wouldn't watch just one episode of true detective season 1 and then skip to a random episode of the expanse, you gotta watch the whole thing at once to properly enjoy it

    I think it would be best if bands just released songs individually with their own unique artwork then save albums for when they have a story or concept they want to create.
    It’s cool how back in the vinyl days up to cd’s peak in popularity some bands would release singles on vinyl or cd.
    I have a few cd singles and a maxi disc as well as a couple singles on vinyl.

    I think it’s absurd how kids these days especially rym types have this pseudo elitist take where they always have to play albums and if you don’t you’re considered a casual, these are people that just play their music in the background while doing other things.
    If you aren’t sitting down and giving the music your full attention there is no reason to play a whole album.
    I like variety so I’ll play shoutcast radio or shuffle my library if I’m doing things like showering or cleaning the apartment.

    One thing I don’t do a whole lot anymore is listen to songs individually because idk I just don’t really have the desire.
    I’m actually fine with silence and I prefer it
    People who have music on all the time are really fucking up their mind psychologically
    There is a reason kikes have music on 24/7 songs everywhere in the fleshnet
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