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Budget option for automated FTP backups? or Incremental backups

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Have a somewhat slow connection and think I'd rather have a service perform this for me if I need to do full backups.

    Was interested in incremental backups where only modified parts are backed up so you can piece everything back together if needed but I'm not sure if there are any easy preconfigured hands-off systems to handle this. With small changes day-to-day it shouldn't be a big change from the original backup so I could probably handle the download myself but some have suggested this is a risky idea for backups where you could end up basing your reconstruction off a piece of shit.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    depends on what you're backing up

    most reliable option is probably cron/ssh/rsync, but if you're using windows you might be better off using dedicated backup software like acronis or something. depending on the size of your files you might be fine using dropbox, mega or similar, if you need more space something like AWS S3 is probably better in terms of cost, speed and flexibility
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    lockedin Houston
    on linux i do incremental backups of my user's home folder with rsync using the --link-dest flag, basically a script that copies my whole home folder into a datestamped folder on my server preserving as many attributes as i can, creates a symlink to it on the server, then next time the script runs it looks for the symlink and hardlinks the new backup to the folder it points to, then removes the old symlink and creates a new one to the latest backup, it works well and i have successfully restored from it multiple times

    there's also borgbackup which is popular in enterprise, deja-dup which comes with some linux distros and probably easiest to configure and automate with a gui, both can do scheduled incremental backups locally or over a network

    i don't know of any real issues with incremental vs full backups provided you do them in a sensible way, hardlinks are good and all the above programs use them, as with any backups make sure you test them regularly to make sure you can actually restore

    for some reason i'm assuming you're on linux and pretty damn sure you're a linux user, but now i'm not sure if i'm remembering correctly, if you're on windows then like aldra said use acronis

    tl;dr listen to aldra, he's pretty much never wrong about anything computer related
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    Just go ahead and give the CIA all your info. I'll keep backing up locally.
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    Lanny Hard in da champaignet
    I use borg and for storage. Nice thing about borg is you don’t have to put any trust in a storage provider beyond them just not losing your backups, since all they ever hold is encrypted incremental snapshots.
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