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good stims to help me concentrate for programming?

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    filtration African Astronaut
    I'm currently drinking about 10 cups of coffee a day, but that shit doesn't work anymore.... I need shit lads, what can I have? I've been looking at adderall or Codeine and shit, what do you think? I just need motivation to start coding again, because it used to be my happy place, now I just don't look forward to it.
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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    cocaine but only if you get some that's not stomped on.
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    Solstice Space Nigga
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    What_a_Kreep Tuskegee Airman
    just stick with adderralif you actually want to retain any information and get an impressive amount of work accomplished.

    Other stims are the worst for learning complex things that take real critical thinking.

    You think I'm gonna remember how to learn a entire new programming method when I can't even find where I put my airpods and how did I open 45 tabs and not actually look at any of them.

    OMG there was this crazy Scientology backed anti-drug campaign "the truth about drugs" and it was just a cornucopia of misinformation. They're tv promo for meth starts out like "I started using meth to stay up and study for college" yeah more like "stay up late to do an obscene amount of masturbation"
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    9V battery wired up to your ballsack
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    2-FMA, if you can source it. Coke isn't something i experience as a 'productivity drug'. Low dose Methylphenidate, or Ethylphenidate, the Ethyl variety should be dosed volumetrically as it's pretty potent. 5mg Ethylphenidate is a good dose to focus but still pretty 'speedy'.

    Good thing about the fluoro amps is that you can smoke them, which allows you to calibrate for lack of a better term after each hit.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I can send some fluoro amps over if you pay for shipping and the product, i don't have any supply at the moment. I can also ship over amp paste, vacuum sealed on the inside of an old HDD. I got loads of those. And i only need to make a phone call to get paste up to 100g, but that would be excessive for studying lmao. I got methylphenidate out the ass, if you pay for shipping i'll send some of those over for next to nothing.
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    Lanny Hard in da champaignet
    Yee, 2-FMA is easily the best productivity stim I’ve ever tried. Not very fun on its own but great for grinding out a bunch of work. And a good Wikipedia bender can be a good time.
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