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Sweden cracks down on unlawful competition to essential government services

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    This criminal couple made a children's application for phones and didn't even follow the GDPR Right to Privacy EU Subsection 69 Article 420 of the Global internet privacy monitoring standard. Can you imagine that?

    Well... they are going to prison. I hope Abu Bakr Muhammad tears open their assholes as wide as a dinner plate. You might say I am betraying my anti regulatory beliefs by applauding their demise but THE GOVERNMENT IS A CORPORATION WITH A MONOPOLY ON POWER

    If I had a monopoly on power I would salt the earth and turn anyone that opposes me into a lampshade and garden fertilizer.

    Christian Landgren’s patience was running out. Every day the separated father of three was wasting precious time trying to get the City of Stockholm’s official school system, Skolplattform, to work properly. Landgren would dig through endless convoluted menus to find out what his children were doing at school. If working out what his children needed in their gym kit was a hassle, then working out how to report them as sick was a nightmare. Two years after its launch in August 2018, the Skolplattform had become a constant thorn in the side of thousands of parents across Sweden’s capital city. “All the users and the parents were angry,” Landgren says.
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    A College Professor victim of incest (banned) [your moreover breastless limestone]
    WOW those parents were angry as frick.

    Heres what one parent said about the developer of skilplatform Popbob as a normal person spent a lot of time drinking alcohol and he regularly used certain... restricted substances for his enjoyment. On top of that, from what PoliceMike and other players have told me, Popbob was extremely awkward. This led many people who were in voice calls or had prolonged friendships with him to believe he was somewhere on the spectrum of autism. This comment isn't a meme or anything, this is just what I have been told by real players who knew him, one having based with him at SquidBase.
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    imagine going to prison for selling a service
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    I don't believe the story as told. Maybe it happened, but I don't believe it.
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