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Buy XRP before the globohomo take over

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    Grandpaskins Yung Blood
    Some of you guys are alright, and I've seen some crypto talk. XRP has been plugged by the IMF and WEF; and fednow and the UK's equivalent is going to move to ISO20022 protocol in 2023, which includes XRP, XLM, ALGO, and XDC. XRP and XLM namely are important because they will handle international and domestic transfers respectively. It is already being used in Bhutan and Japan, with other SEA countries soon to follow. Eventually XRP will tokenize the worlds GDP then after that all assets globally. They're also doing a shitload of airdrops, with XLS (the NFT protocol) and EXFI (experimental finance) soon to launch. I don't swing by here often, but to the homies from Zoklet and Into sanctuary what's up, it's the former Billy Herrington
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    don't participate in organized je'wry
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    Grandpaskins Yung Blood
    Originally posted by aldra don't participate in organized je'wry

    Just because (((they))) support it doesn't mean we cant find financial freedom from it.
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    Kev African Astronaut
    zoklet? into sanctuary? neither of those are totse and both were run by faggots, huff raid and die.

    XRP XLM ALGO? why have i not heard of any of these coins and why should i adopt them just because the IMF wants me to? fuck the IMF
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    Originally posted by aldra don't participate in organized je'wry

    bitcoins are disorganized jéwry.
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    thanks for the tip
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