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Tech is cheap as shit rn

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    mmG African Astronaut
    I was in the market for beater headphones I won't give a fuck about if I lose. Before I used to buy JVC wired earbuds from CVS for like $10 for the purpose. They sounded great for throwaway buds.

    Now I bought a pair of Mpow Mdot earbuds, bought and shipped for under $12 for the same purpose. Not only do they sound just as good but they are fully wireless. For $11.

    Case and design and everything is decent too. I can't believe how cheap these shits are.

    What else have you noticed is notably cheap these days?
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    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    Cheap Vodka is cheap.
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    Never realized she was frugal.
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    lucy said she would like to eat her single ass out and i was like I wont stop you and called her a slut true story
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    Nigger Nintendo Starving African Child
    Counterpoint: videos cameras are inexplicably still pretty expensive and cheap ones are straight shit. I would expect China to have made some really nice cheap ones by now but it's actually still pretty tough to find a decent 1080p60 video camera for cheap.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    probably due to chip shortages
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    mashlehash victim of incest [my perspicuously dependant flavourlessness]
    i saw some decks online for like 150
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    Nigger Nintendo Starving African Child
    Originally posted by aldra probably due to chip shortages

    Tbh I don't understand why a $100 phone can have a 1080p60 camera but the cheapest "reasonable" brand 1080p60 canera I can find is the Canon Vixia series.
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