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    svrn Yung Blood
    Anyone used it before? It apparently hasn't been in wide use since WWI, but it's very easy to make (85:15 ammonium nitrate to charcoal) and appears to be superior to black powder (no flash, no smoke, no residue, similar ballistic properties) though it has a few significant downsides.

    1. it absorbs moisture from the air
    2. the crystal structure breaks down at around 30°c, making the compound finer, leading to a more rapid decomposition (burst barrels)

    both of which can probably be mitigated by using thick, sealed casings or cartridges.
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    svrn Yung Blood
    Nobody? Also open to advice on alternative propellants
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Why would you waste your Ammonium Nitrate on LE's?
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