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bbq skewer street food

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    i have never seen a food truck doing bbq skewer i think the profit margins on that would be absolutely insane you could sell it for so cheap and still make lots

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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood i have never seen a food truck doing bbq skewer

    Then you've never lived.

    ETA: Not a bit of meat to be seen on those skewers in your pic...FAGGOT FOOD.
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    That's a good idea Franky. I'd eat there
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    I had 4 fajita tacos from the taco truck on Saturday, they are the best street tacos in says so right on the side of the truck. $10.84 (inc tax) with everything on them (on corn) and a little bag of green and red sauce.
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    i was just discussing that with a potential investor. trying to figure out how to market it and make a profit with meat or maybe some real cheap ass steak chunks with lots of sauce i think that would be good.

    the thing you gotta do is out compete the street dogs and be able to grow for scale. maybe one truck for bbq veggies near the uni and gay district and one with all the meat and shrimp near the gym for the meat heads or whatever, and rotate them around

    you want fried tofu on a skewer we got that too. the menu has a lot of potential for customization or recipes

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    I forgot my lunch today...and now this.
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]
    If you are going to do mobile food the real money is in events not setting up on a street.

    At one point in my life I was the marketing and operations manager for a sound and power company out of Cleveland. One of the tools I used to find events and the decision makers for events was this site:

    It's be very useful for a food vendor also. It is what I used when I had my hotdog stand in Florida. If you are familiar with the carnival circuit you know that Gibsonton, Florida is the home of the Showman's Club and the winter home of many carnival vendors. I knew a few of them and they made mad money going on the road for about half the year or so. Of course they had multiple food trailers, mobile bunkhouse for their crews, and land to store, mantian, and repair their equipment, and even house their crews on for the winter.

    In short their is big money in mobile food if you do it smart and are willing to spend capital and long hours to enjoy the success that can be had in such a venture. You need a food managers license in most all US states and usually a commissary service on file if you do not own a commercial food storage facility/location.
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