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So Trumptards blame Biden for high gas prices?

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    Cowboy2013 Houston
    I was talking to one today and he was blaming Biden for high gas prices. Gas was as cheap as its been since the early 2000’s during Xmas of 2014. I remember when I went out on Thanksgiving night and these fat fucks were already crowding into Walmart and Best Buy and gas was like $1.50. But said Trumptard had selective amnesia and claimed gas got cheaper with the orange kike. 🤨

    Funny though that Putin should be able to put the screws to Western Europe now. So that’s good news.
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    I did such a great job when I was in charge that big companies were paying each other to take oil.

    The legacy I leave behind is one of free oil and free money. How can anyone else even hope to compete? Sad!
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    The logic follow if everything was Trumps fault when he was in charge it's now all Bidens fault now that he is in *charge.

    *(fucking lol)
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