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Asics Gel Venture 8's and why they suck

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Went and looked at some last weekend and I kid you not that something was definitely off about them.
    The shoes looked good but there really wasn't a noticeable change from the Gel Venture 7's until I tried on a paid.
    Now for a shoe that looks almost identical to it's predecessor you would think a size 9 of one shoe would be the same as a size 9 of the other shoe.
    Somehow they screwed it up though and the Gel Venture 8's no doubt were smaller.
    Not only that but the insole seemed flimsy and by that I mean NONE of the shoes I looked at last week that were Gel Venture 8's (and I checked quite a few of them) had the insole very well seated in the shoe.
    I felt as though it would fall right out if I held the shoe upside down.
    When I pressed my fingers down on it there was a gap between the insole and the shoe where it was kind of a hump or a bubble.
    Beyond just that, when I actually wore a pair around my house for an hour it honestly felt like I had the shoes on the wrong feet.
    It was as if they put the arch support on the wrong side which made walking uncomfortable and they actually managed to bruise both of my feet in the short time I spent walking around my small apartment in them.
    There was just no way I was going to ever be able to wear them at work.

    I will be returning them to Amazon this morning and hopefully finding something else with a less shotty quality.
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