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big money idea from quora

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Go into the peephole industry. Go knock on doors and sell them peepholes, get you a nice pretty board for demonstration purposes that you installed a bunch of peepholes on to show them your selection.

    They didn't give any numbers but I would want to charge at least 100 bigbux more than the materials, the install seems like it would be hella quick.

    Heres my business plan;

    Buy a variety of peepholes and install one of each style on your demo-board.
    Get a douchebag-shirt and douchebag-pants ( chinos/dockers ) and put on some hairjell and a diaper.
    Go knock on doors and sell peepholes.

    All I gotta do is sell and install like 12 peepholes a day and I got a cool 1200 bux, that can buy a lot of dope and donuts.
    Anyone here ever done door-to-door sales?
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    when they answer have a loaded gun pointed at them and say "That wouldn't happen if you used a peephole"
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