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Turning black tar heroin into salt

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    Junkiedreams Yung Blood
    I obviously didnt write this cause im a retard but would this actually work

    process I used for purification was straight forward. Diacetylmorphine can exist in two forms, an insoluble base, or a soluble salt. Often it contained a plethora of other agents like pieces of broken glass, pieces of foil, dirt, wood, metal, mannitol, lactose, maltose, sand, you get the idea.

    The first stage of the process I used was to make sure the diacetylmorphine I received was totally converted to a soluble hydrochloride salt. The heroin I usually received was a brown powdered heroin, sometimes off white, very little vinegar smell. Today all you can find is a black crud that reeks with a vinegar (acetic) odor. The way I made sure it was a soluble salt was to drop enough 28% hydrochloric acid to make it wet. This insured that I would not waste any of the available drug, but would remove most if not all of the cut. I think that it would be better for me to detail it in a procedural manner. FYI, hydrochloric acid can be purchased in gallon jugs at hardware stores under the name Muriatic acid, 28%.

    First weigh out one gram of heroin from the stock you received from your supplier. Place this gram into a 13 x 100mm test tube. Add a few drops of 28% hydrochloric acid until it is evenly damp. Allow to react for a minute or two. Next add 5 ml distilled water, place your thumb over the end and carefully shake to dissolve all that will dissolve into the water. Allow the insoluables to settle.

    Using a pipette, remove and transfer as much of the liquid to a fresh test tube leaving the solids behind. Dispose of the undissolved remains in the first test tube. Slowly add via pipette, one drop at at time, ammonium hydroxide (water clear household ammonia) until the white precipitate ceases production. Add several more drops at this point just to be sure. Shake gently to be sure that all the solution is evenly ammoniated. The solution should look milky.

    Now add 100 ml ethyl ether (some kinds of diesel starting fluids, read the label) to a 150 ml beaker. Dump the milky liquid into the ether and stir briskly and allow the water to settle and collect on the bottom. The water will turn clear. Using a glass pipette, remove this water from the bottom of the beaker and dispose of. Now mix up a solution of 5ml 28% hydrochloric acid and 5ml distilled water and add this to the ether in the beaker. Stir briskly keeping as much acid/water suspended as possible for several minutes. Allow the water/acid to collect on the bottom of the beaker.

    Using a glass pipette, remove this water layer from the bottom of the ether and transfer to a glass petri dish. Transfer the ether back to its storage bottle for reuse. It will still contain small amounts of heroin base, so don’t throw it out. Recycle! Slowly add small portions of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to the water/acid solution in the petri until you don’t notice any more bubbles being formed. Place the glass on a warm surface, and allow to evaporate. The residue will be diacetylmorphine hydrochloride and salt.

    Table salt is a by-product of the reaction and will not hurt you at all when injected. Scrape up the residue and weigh it. Yield from one gram of smack (yea, we called it that) would be anything from 100 to 300 mg, rarely more. Place 100 mg of this powder in a test tube, add 10 cc sterile isotonic water for injection (available OTC at drug stores) and heat to boiling. Transfer this liquid while still hot using a syringe (available OTC at some drug stores) to a 10 ml rubber stoppered empty sterile ampoule (available OTC at drug stores).
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    what is the baking soda supposed to be for to neutralize acid?
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    Quick Mix Ready Space Nigga [jealously defalcate my upanishad]
    WTF? You want to sprinkle a heroin high on your scramble eggs?

    Opiate are for injured people in pain. It's understandable people get hooked from prior injuries but it's Satan's play toy. It wreaks havoc on your intestinal track.

    Listen to Bobby Lees story we're he was fired from Mad Tv on Fox network because he was so high on Opiate pills (Norco I think) and how he shit himself coming off of them because you're used to not being able to crap on them. Taking shitloads of stool softeners. He was withdrawal on An episode of Mad and shit himself on stage during a shooting or some weird event like this.

    Clearly that wasn't aired but the live audience saw and smelled it. I laughed my ass off but it was really sad too. Could relate. I took Norco 120x7.5/300 for over 10 years and stopped and shit myself running home. 2 blocks away from my house. But luckily it was a giant ball of clay I pooped out. Dropped it in a bush outside because it stank so bad.

    But I related to Bobby's story. Shit Happens when addicted to heroin or Opiates. He may have been on a stronger mid than Norco but That's what I was on and cold turkey off of. But Norco which is a stronger Vicodin and less Tylenol is not as bad as getting hooked on oxycodone or heroin I guess.

    Stop doing drugs bro.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    You got redundancy in your extraction. Diacetyldiamorphine acetate is a salt too. It should dissolve without issue in warm distilled water, filter it. Add ammonium hydroxide, separate, add nonpolar, add hcl and proceed as you would have otherwise.

    Also, couldn't you bubble chlorine gas through your Ethyl Ether/water mix? Would not recommend if no fume hood.

    IDK, i haven't done that type of chemistry in a bit.
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    DrugSmuggler Houston [soullessly saw your drumbeater]
    call me when you can turn water into wine
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    RIPtotse Tuskegee Airman
    Lol good luck , it’s all contaminated with fent now adays, unless you can maybe find some pure shit on the deep web? Not sure but I’m guessing you can because the drug user liberation front was giving away free heroin, crack, and meth that was pure from the deep web and they know it’s pure because I’m guessing they had access to a gcms at a university or something

    Anyway stop doing opiates recreationally before you end up like hydromorphone … chances are high you will die or end up like that before you even come close to quitting… most of my friends who did the same shit I was doing for years are either serving very very long prison sentences or are dead

    I can’t even believe I made it out sometimes.. although your never truly out as it’s a daily struggle to stay on the straight and narrow… it gets easier as the days pass though, time truly heals all wounds.
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