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I spent all my welfare money and have $0

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    this is a list of my ideas for money making schemes

    back to my old grinds

    Originally posted by The Self Taught Man Some ideas off the top of my head;
    -E-cig liquid manufacturing
    -writing and selling ebooks with unique useful information
    -MMORPG stuff (selling runscape gold, WoW, LoL)
    -making indie games

    Starting an NFT
    Making skyblock bot scripts (sludge bot)
    Making video games for profit like triangle tetris
    streaming on twitch and begging for donos
    copper theft
    selling drugs (need capital to do this)
    flipping crypto (need capital to do this)
    selling roberts mix tape
    opening a psychic hotline
    buying GME

    I heard you can easily scam cash stacks in OSRS by finding a bot farm and kiling the bots before they teleport away. I Have never played runescape so i have no idea what any of that means but it sounds easy enough

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    I saw a homeless guy washing windows. I'm gonna find where he sleeps and beat him up with a baseball bat so I can steal his clients
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    triangle tetris
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    Donald Trump Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson "Get a job" - seems to be missing from the list.

    Be realistic please, Jiggs.
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    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson "Get a job" - seems to be missing from the list.

    that's not a money making scheme, that's a value of time and labor for capital transaction, why not talk about a career instead? I'm talking about things I can do RIGHT NOW without capital in the meantime.

    money never sleeps I am not one of those people that just "gets a job" and this is my life now just work, watch TV, sleep and eat. You can't sleep you gotta always bite that frog and chase that wheel.
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    i opened a stonks account today on robin hood

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