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Mystery of Supernova solved.

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    when a very tall buliding implodes and collapses in unto itself, the kinetic energy of its falling debris hitting the ground will create a deep impact crater, which means the collapse of the building sent it into the negative ground territory.

    so another way to look at this is to say that the building has prolapsed into the ground.

    the same thing happens when a sphere with a mass hundreds of times larger than our sun collapses in and onto itself, all that massive masses are going to collapse into a single point and beyond, which means masses and matters are going to come gushing out on the other side of where they crashed into.

    so in short supernovas are nothing but the collapses of gigantic spheres in and onto themselves and their ensuing prolapses out the other side.

    this phenomenon shall now be referred to as SUPER-PROLAPSE.
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