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Oh no, I'm becoming a sinoweeb.

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    Meikai African Astronaut
    Help, I'm gradually becoming obsessed with xianxia donghua and need recommendations (both on what to watch, and where - ironically the site I normally use to find my chinese cartoons doesn't have great coverage when it comes to actual Chinese cartoons).

    pls help
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    xiao meikai
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Meikai African Astronaut
    You don't even see stuff like this in the shows that come from the capitalist hellscape known as Japan:

    Truly, Chinese animation is marvelous. Remember, fellow cultivators: don't hunt demons without first having a Cornetto!
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    pEEpEEpOOpOO African Astronaut
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    Meikai African Astronaut
    Originally posted by pEEpEEpOOpOO This shit is bonkers, give this game a try:


    Edit: to elaborate a bit I love this game and if anything I'm watching this stuff to get myself in the mood to play more of it. Problem is I'm a crackhead and want to min-max the fuck out of everything and I can't just chill and enjoy myself. I stopped playing my last save file because my plans for min-maxing had a tiny wrench thrown into them and I can't handle everything not being perfect. smh
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    Meikai African Astronaut
    Almost finished with season 2 of the Mo Dao Zu Shi donghua but after that idk what to watch.
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