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How do you install the handle part on the sink

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    this is giving me heck I screwed the screw into it but I guess it wasn't tight enough so I kept making it tight like really insane tight but still it's acting weird.

    also it turns all the way to the left and barely to the right. I checked 10 times making sure its lined up properly so I have no idea what the fuck I did.

    Is it fine if the turning angle is a bit fucked. I don't care if it's fucked as long as it works properly.

    How tight does it need to be I think I will give it some more turns with the vice grips because it feels loose when it gets to the middle part of turning.

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    It's 100% lined up right on the cartridge
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    turns out It was turning weird because I had the sink all the way to the left. False alarm it's installed fine
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