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Fastez chompers

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    A dangerous game inventied in prussia has made its way to the americas and is increasingly being practiced by the countrys youth. the game is called fastes chompers and it harkens back to the wreckless game five finger speedrun ( pictured below)

    in fastez chompers these teens and young adults are getting high on cocaine and they move there tounge in between there chomping teeth , timing it carefully like playing dance dance revolution faster and faster until something terrible happens or they run out of dope whichever comes first.

    heres the aftermath of the end of a game of fastez chompers

    one Petaluma mother said " if i know my daughter was playing fastez chompers i never would have letter go out to do this, and i dont know who the hell is gonna fix this and make her life right again im going to sue the schoo ldistrict i sweat to effing God"

    authorities are advising all parents not to let there kids play this dangerous game and are using drug dogs at the schools to make sure no one has been playing fastez chompers
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    cigreting Space Nigga
    Ya its probably some nigger mom and kid.
    Lets sue the school because my daughter made poor decisions
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    Ghost Black Hole
    where im from we call it 5 finger filet
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    Originally posted by Ghost where im from we call it 5 finger filet

    Interester , I'm sorry to hear this danger game has made it to you're parts
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