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anomanous banc cards

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    swim bought a greendot card and once you get it home and try to turn it on they want a name, address, and SSN to enable it ...

    quiktrip used to sell prepaid visa cards aboot 4yrs ago and i dont remember having to do that shit. the greendot card is supposably reloadable so maybe that makes it fall under different rules like a banc account.

    anyone know a good card u can buy in stores that is secrative that u can register with a name for online purchases, that doesnt require giving SSN?

    edit: im talking about a visa or mastercard that u can buy with cash moneys .. green papper money
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    General Butt.Naked Tuskegee Airman
    I think those visa vanilla whatever cards dont require ssn, but idk if theyre reloadable
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