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Shitlibs make me appreciate communists

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    Cowboy2013 Yung Blood
    I’ve been looking at stl1’s posts arguing with Trump voters about the chosen people’s cum bucket 🪣 and his mean tweets and spray tan. Or how magatards are the real anti-Americans.

    Shitlibs lack all the endearing qualities of communists or far leftists like Tacho. Hating America, hating cops, usually hating Israel, and instead repost imperialist CIA propaganda about China or arguing that democratic drone strikes just aren’t the same.

    The American voter is incredibly stupid but I never can decide which I hate more. Usually it’s whichever group is currently leading Israel’s offshore goyim farm
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    Xlite African Astronaut
    Yeah most americans are pretty fucking dumb, mostly.
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    stl1 Dark Matter
    You're welcome.

    But...I can't remember even posting about Israel.

    My thing is the morons who are so stupid that they swear allegiance to a not-too-smart (but claiming to know all the "big words"), disgraced, twice impeached, 6 time bankrupt, fake haired, fake tanned, faked height, faked weight, cheats on his golf score, divisive and hateful ex-President and the threat that he and they are to our democracy.
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    Donald Trump African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Cowboy2013 the chosen people’s cum bucket 🪣 and his mean tweets and spray tan

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Real leftists like Glen Greenwald think people like stl1 are retards and he's 100% right. If you agree with anything the talking heads have to say, left or right you are an idiot. Political extremism is very toxic. Kids aren't raised christian or catholic anymore it's left or right, republican or democrat.

    People that support the two party system are just like old world European monarchists that didn't want republicanism to ruin their life serving God and the king. There needs to be something like the french revolution where the left and right work together to line up all the retards like stl1 and give them the punishment they deserve.

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