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How does this picture make you feel?

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    Donald Trump African Astronaut
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I'd throw stones up her
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    I bet he has a bonner
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    yeah she's the haraam police
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    exclsive phone pocket.

    i like.
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    On my mobile the page only shows half the picture before scrolling which made it look to me like she was in a wheelchair. I found that idea quite funny.

    Now is she going to punish him with 50 spits or a dozen ball slaps?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    horny. wish I was getting roughed up by her
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    cigreting Space Nigga
    Originally posted by mmQ I bet he has a bonner

    wats bonner
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    Solstice African Astronaut
    I would spit in her mouth and say I have AIDS
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    Originally posted by Ghost horny. wish I was getting roughed up by her

    like this.

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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    Originally posted by cigreting wats bonner

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