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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I really liked the 1997 anime (the whole series is on youtube, search berserk 1997 subs if you prefer subs), I had to download the mid 2010s one though and regret it, it was hot garbage. I never got into the manga because I'm not into manga in general, nor am I a generally huge fan of anime but I can respect people using any medium as a platform to tell a good story.

    Does anyone have any links to the full mangas translated to English? Ideally to be able to download them and read them at my leisure. Even though the writer passed it's probably still copyroght-protected so please keep it to hints or a PM
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    Chairman Takeshi Kaga African Astronaut
    Rest in Peace, Mario

    I like MangaSee but for most manga sites you gotta have adblock. Use the "long strip" option and you can just scroll through the chapters rather than loading pages.
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