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New Albino Race/Nation Construction/Breeding Project Discussion

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    i think we shoould get a colony of albino humans togther, like the Internationoal Space Station, and just breed them up to 30,000 as a tribe and give them a country to live in (Albania, would be obvious choice) in a world of racism and globalism and the invitable evenetually of thee "human race" why not throw a scieentific ironic bone in the histoory books and create a new race

    i bet if u asked them if they want to live in a society with only them and not be made fun or cut into pieces for African witch doctors, they'd say it's a prosocial thing too doo

    we as researchers can only fuck males over the age of 18 in the ass.

    milfs that have reached menopause may leave the society after at least 3 researchers have verified she is beyond her breeding years and may go to pasture

    Who wants to go to BradleyB's Albino Breeding Colony (ABC)

    "We do!" "We do!"

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    Bradley African Astronaut

    Same sex pedophilism will be met with death at the first verified report. RIP AblinoKev cuz imma tell on u anonymously to me the director

    Heterosexual pedophiliaism will be treated on a case by case basis by heterosexual researchers who can better serve the system and victim. My choice is co researcher Sophia.

    That is all.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    We will be having a Pow Wow every Full Moon to celebrate our Eternal White Emperor BradleyB whose white skin matched ours, but his heart and surpassed.

    Emperor BradleyB93 to (Still Alive) A.D.
    White Male America, Top, 27, HMU
    No weirdos.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    gimme a thick lipped white nigger
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