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Mask & vaccine debates echo left/right politics & why Laissez Faire capitalism is the answer

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    Ghost Black Hole
    People that are anti vax / anti mask are instantly labelled as right wing, and most of them are.

    Why is this? It makes no sense. Wouldn't an alt right nationalist that believes in big government making all the rules WANT masks and vaccines?

    Left/Right politics has morphed into something else in the modern world. I think the mask/vax debate highlights this the best.

    At it's core it's not a political issue at all, it's a social issue.

    There does not need to be any government regulations involving masks and vaccines. In our modern information age cancel culture, the systems are already in place to do the same thing as giving out fines or tickets, except done through ostracization.

    It already happens and is a lot more effective than any government regulation. The problem with something being "wrong" because it's illegal is what attracts political extremists because they see it as a leftist attack.

    The debate is completely useless, stupid and a waste of time and anyone that takes part in any mask/vax debate is an idiot.
    People will get vaccinated and wear masks without the government telling them, because of social pressures and business will bend to social pressures.

    The most reassuring messages I got during the pandemic were never from the government. The occasional obvious corporate fake "we're in this together" bullshit from a youtube ad from some company felt a lot more meaningful to me than the government telling me I can't go outside.

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    whats lazy fairy capitalists.
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