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New product idea for a startup

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    The Muddy-Susan. It's a multi-tiered carousel , housed inside of a cabinet. And you put your muddy boots in it and rotate the carousel a bit to bring a fresh pair to the front.

    Then you have a subscription with The Susan Company who will send a Susan over every week to clean all the the muddy boots and can take damaged ones back to the Susan HQ for re-soling, stitching etc. and they will be returned the following week.

    The Muddy-Susan will be internet of things so you can press a button and they will bring you a new pair of boots any time you want. The Muddy-Susan will be made in America, my goal is to receive investments in this plan from my two biggest heroes in business which I will include photographs of: Mike Lindell ( Founder and CEO of My Pillow ) and Dave Dahl ( Co-Founder of Dave's Killer Bread ).

    it will accept crypto currency which will use the blockchain to track and verify all the orders
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    Deanna Troi Tuskegee Airman
    Shut up.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    we have a similar company in this country. What private companies do is hire this company to come by and clean all the floor matts. They roll up in their van, take all the matts and give you brand new ones. I think they rotate matts for all the different businesses, drop off the clean pick up the dirty.

    They also do uniforms. I saw an entire line of people lining up in a parking lot and they would take off their dirty coveralls and give it to the guy who gave them a fresh pair of clean ones every morning

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    Ghost Black Hole
    i think these guys even clean boots. Watch out you might have some competition already
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    I'll take a pail of you are finest Susan's
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