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Hypixel offering Minecraft server hosting

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    Ghost Black Hole
    The company developing a minecraft clone and pushing the boundries on Mojang's EULA has now offered a cheap alternative to Realms hosting. It is currently in closed beta but is expected to release soon.

    In the early days of minecraft there was no official multiplayer version so everyone used hacked multiplayer clients that had a list of every public minecraft server built into the client.

    Everyone expected the game to have some kind of support or way for you to make friends lists or be able to find servers. But instead Notch made it so you have to know the IP of the server if you want to play on it. Now third party server list websites are the norm and nobody questions it.

    Because of that I am paying close attention to this because I think it will be a big game changer in the Minecraft landscape because Hypixel has the social features of bedrock like friend lists, but in modern java versions.

    Also third party server websites promote things like 'VOTE FOR OUR SERVER FOR YOUR DAILY 10 DIAMONDS!' which is a stupid system. Everyone does it because they have a hard time attracting players because of the lack of discoverability.

    A lot of people in the hypixel community are sick and tired of the bullshit from Microsoft and Mojang and they are taking a stance and changing the status quo that has existed for the past decade. I support their efforts.

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