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I am a true Laissez Faire capitalist

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Cocaine needs to be legal and I refuse to just sit back and accept living in world where everyone agrees drugs and bad and you should be in legal trouble for making/selling/taking them.

    Left and right politics is a total waste of time. All of modern global international politics is meaningless because it supports the UN which is anti Laissez Faire

    Free the poppy and ephedra fields of Asia!

    Free the coca and cannabis of the Americas!

    The only way to prosperity is by liberty.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    These are the government restrictions that allows big pharma to control your lives through the monopoly of health.

    Anti capitalism means less innovation, no incentive to compete or produce something better and cheaper because it's against the law to compete with heavily regulated established economic systems

    People think an non government interfered capitalist system will lead to abuse and corruption of power by private corporations. But that already happens and is enabled by the government restrictions themselves.

    The free market can solve any problem and it can solve it much faster if you remove the shackles. The reason nothing ever gets done is because the regulations make it as complicated and expensive as possible to do do basic economic participation.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Can you honestly say you live in a free capitalist society? I wish I did.

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