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Understanding how Hikki got the way he is.

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    Lotta rejection.

    Hikki is 140lb, 138lb of which is rejection and other organic compounds. 2lb of which is cum from his father which didn't develop into otoher losers, but is instead carried around in him like a drunk creampied 14 year old.

    Stop making fun of him for being a furry and dressing up like an animal to engage in self pleasure. He doesn't need to be ridiculed for that.

    Love is love and Hikki only has himself.

    Found this linked from his website. Kinda weird how even while fetishizing animals, Hikki prefeers them to be males and stand upright as he voyuers them at the showers at thee public pool
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    Wariat Black Hole
    You mean lolita rejection or lack of lolita in life? jut once?
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    a lot of rejection*

    From everyone except the internet and himself
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