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Hitler, A friend to the LGBTQ before Grindr.

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    Many know Adolf Hitler as a couple things, hero, friend, eternal leader, anti semite, friend.

    But behind all of that veneer of kindness, was a special fondness the fuehrer had for Homosexuals (Bradley, Ghost) and Other Perverts (Like HTS). Who was not included in the Purple Triangle friendship club?

    Pedophiles and Dog Fuckers were not included, also what was not included were rapists. Sorry. Der Fuehrer und der Hunde habt nicht leibe fuer dich. :(

    Adolf Hitler knew how hard it was in early 20th century for a homosexual man or transgender person to find a date with a nice young strapping german (BradleyB) when he was say on duty or doing a round up of dissidants.

    By wearing the purple triangle, Adolf Hitler allowed members of the LGBTQ community to signal to one another regarding what they were doing later (or who) and network.

    I think he did a similar thing with religious minorities in Austria and Germany, they were able to have massive get togethers and go camping. None of this would've been possible without these badges, and as hard as it is to remember, there wasn't always a time when you could go on grindr app from the google play store and get a blowjob by 5 ugly father figures and 1 AIDS carrying super spreader in 10 minutes or less anywhere in the world.

    This is what 90% of the photos of men on grindr look like (except not with the camp uniform obv)

    Sometimes i think about getting non religious tattoos and then i think "nah"

    HTS yous hould get a purple triangle above your highlighter hole.

    This has been another shit thread by BradleyB.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    why do the gays think everyone is gay too or secretly gay
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    Donald Trump African Astronaut

    The Gays love me.
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