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Recommendations for Audio & GPS Monitors (Separate devices)

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    So I'm looking for something better than what I currently use. What I currently use is a cell phone (Burner) with the Audio Record feature. On some cell phones I have had to Black Lives Matter themed apps, so that they do in fact save when the phone runs out of battery in 16-24 hours (longer if you tape a battery pack to them) however this often requires me going back and getting the phone at a much much later date.

    The second tool is a GPS monitor "bug" that can be placed on/in a vehicle. Ideally it's range only needs to be about 50 miles but up to 90 would be preferred.

    The most important thing is accuracy. I need to know which driveway/house/etc is going. If it is significantly cheaper to not do it in real time, I have no problem getting the bug back and then downloading the travel data from that. It would need to have a 72 hour life.

    I have no real understanding of doing reconnaissance via the use of bugs aside from the cell phone. Find my Phone if you decide to use a burner phone can also help, however, the one draw back is the phone often rings (Even when you're not clicking the ring my device) regardless of what your settings are on the phone, this also turns off record audio).

    Thank you Technophiliacs and technophiles of the internet,

    I am but a poor dumbfuck trying to finesse me and my friends' plug.
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    no Yung Blood
    Depending on your money, free time and technical capability you can pretty easily build this out of a raspberry pi (even an RPi zero, honestly). You can get GPS, cellular modem and mic modules, wire them in, and if you're not comfortable writing your own scripts to relay data I'm sure there's some existing software that could be cobbled together.

    If your target doesn't use iOS devices, those new airtags are a cheap way of doing location tracking, should get reasonable accuracy but there are obviously pitfalls relying on the tags pinging nearby iOS devices to make it work.

    Pperhaps the easiest solution of all would be a burner Android device that you can set up some kind of remote access to, in order to remotely grab audio recordings and such. Battery life might be an issue though.

    Short of all that though, maybe just leave your target alone and move on with your life, if that's an option.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    I love this forum.
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