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Joe Biden Cheese Challenge 2021

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    Hi everyone, a lotta different people have reached around to me asking me to bring back the cooking show Cooking with ZyclonB & BradleyB.

    unfortunately life happens and it's no longer 2015, the original videos have long been deleted by youtube (I made ethnic dishes and then gave my opinion on that ethnicity, while very drunk in my mom's kitchen), I'm really good at making everything except for fried chicken and watermelon which my mom said i could never try again due to the amount of grease splatter everywhere.

    So first things first, Hail Biden the 46th i think president of the united states, like we say around these parts keep on stealing on.

    I hope you have food stamps, if you don't, you missed out on like 1200-1400$ type shit in extra HAPPY COVID spending. I normally get 16$ a month, because of Covid and the Joe "I can't believe this is free too" The Prez Biden, i've been getting 179$ a month and the pantry shut down. The pantry shutting down hurt me a lot as I am extremely cheap and go there twice a week to load up on free shitty food (that i've been eating all my life)

    Nigga i know about them Toasty Os & them Brown Flakes. I know about that powdered milk. I know how to put together boxes of shit i really don't want and give them to hopeless people on I43 off ramps in Milwaukee. I put used hats and socks in there too in winter. sometimes I give that nigga a cigarette or ask him i can get hard, then explain to him i'm a homosexual, not a crack user.

    Good times good times.

    So the joe biden cheese challenge of 2021 is gonn require you to get a ride from your mom (Be nice to your mom btw), tell her you need to do this stuff for school.

    Nigga I don't even eat 80$ in food a month lol, most people are like this some are 2 for 1ing their EBT but as I am not a crackhead, i don't sell my food stamps, I piss them away on dumb shit and you should do. Everytime I go to the store i buy a can of whip cream for 1.80 and as soon as i'm past the gates and mask less in the walmart parking lot i just do a whip it. I'd pay a 1$ at the porn store for a whip it so like what the fuck why not? Thanks Joe Biden. I like when other people can visibly see me doin the whip it who arne't polydrug adventurers

    Go to where the most expensive cheeses are, noramlyl their gonna be in lil like 4-12ounce BRICKS! don't grab matazrella or some gay shit that comes in that faggot nutsack shape.

    idk why im explaining this like anyone's gonna do it.

    So I grabbed like 12 blocks of cheese. I will be tasting 1 each day, maybe recorded on cam, maybe not, i will give the brand and any data i learned about it and letting you know what I thought about the cheese I think spent like 80 bucks only, there's a piggly wiggly and a sentry a couple miles away, i think imma see what cheeses they might have available.

    I weigh 174, am 6'1 and have a homeless person style beard/goatee. I am from Wisconsin, the dairy state, and my favorite serial killer is jeffrey dahmer cuz we look alike, have similar taste in men (he hehehehe_) and we both like to go to La Cage gay dance club in Milwaukee where we both lived.

    DAY ONE:

    Alright so the first of the competition is gonna from a bitch ass company named Red Apple Cheese Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese.

    Now this cheese is not that great, i selected it only for this challenge and didn't really know what to expect. Kinda like if you said suprise me to a stranger on craigslist when you got into their car. You might get suprised. Crafted in Wisconsin and naturally smoked with apple and hardwood. I really like how it appears a child colored on some grill smokey marks on the outstide.

    Do it taste like apple? No not really. Do it taste like wood? Yeah. And I know what hard wood tastes like. (How it smells when burned, normally, but not always, pine is unique in that way!)

    OK, and here's a photo of my bummy stoned ass, nibbling on the cheese. Kinda tastes like what you'd hope a grill someone was bbqin on tastes like

    In conclusion I give the Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese a solid 2 out of 5 on the Ratface Cheese Scale.

    I hope this doesn't make me constipated but if it does I will just drink instant coffee.
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