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Do you do ass to mouth?

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    Discuss. Also discuss is the health/safety of it all.

    I have pulled my shitty weiner out of the butt and made someone suck it. Not proud of it, a lot more OK with it than if i had been the sucker.

    Routinely I try to pull my dong out and receive head, most of the time they have cleaned themselves so it's not all super duper shitty.

    but like right up there with eatin ass that's gotta be really like unhealthy for the body.

    Made some people are really just shit eaters, this has to be a semi common phonomena.. Every girlfriend i ever had sucked my dick after I stopped having vaginal intercourse with them, often. My first girlfriend wasn't on birth control at first. That poor latina got so much sploogins cuz she didn't want to get pregnant at 13, haha. What kinda white wash mexican american shit is that.
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    fuck lanny i wanted to do a poll can you put this in the trashcan/suggestion box
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    Ghost Black Hole
    yeah it's probably bad for throat cancer but so is smoking and I do both YOLO
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