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My faggot ass Runescape clan had a IRC built into their forum in 2008. What the hell Lanners?

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    I'm sure nowadays you could pay to make it play pornography or flash through a memorial of dead users or just coupon guy era Buy 1 Get 4 Free Manufacturers coupons.

    But we don't even need all that. What we just need is to be able to chat, it's no more liability than the Inbox system (I think) and probably not much more money. I'll send you 6$ to cover hosting costs if you'll give me a user title that makes me lol

    Bring back the trading pit althoough not gonna lie, i wouldn't if I were you as it's likee opening up your backdoor for Scron & I.

    Suppose that's it. Thanks for being a badmin. You participate with 10% apathetic involvement which is still 10% more than Zok ever did except 1 time talking to me aboout chemicals and then he started talking about NBA and i was like wow what a stereotype

    Good colored person IMO but that was probably the white woman in him.

    If you're really a tranny or an effeminine dude I"ll bust on your face if yoou want as a big thank you for everything btw, i'll make you food too or w/e, just dont fall in love.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    no what you want to do is get about 100 bots and run that shit in free to play and get some bulk sold and sell that shit by the gram to 13 year old kids with mommy credit card bitcoin. people literally make millions doing this shit

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